SMA Consultants have been involved in housing delivery for marginalized communities for the last 25 years and a large component of the groups projects involve the upgrading of less privileged communities.

 Through social studies, liaison at community meetings, capacity building exercises and labour intensive construction, we have developed a understanding for the less privileged and are well positioned to identify specific customized engineering solutions to uplift poor communities.

We are to provide services to the following project types:

  • Greenfields housing developments
  • In-situ upgrade developments
  • Rural projects
  • Subsidy linked projects
  • Affordable housing projects

Our services include the following:

  • Implementing Agents
  • Project management
  • Project & land identification
  • Land Expropriation
  • Municipal infrastructure Grant funding
  • Beneficiary identification
  • Subsidy Applications
  • Services delivery
  • House construction
  • Post construction warranties and deficiencies
  • Community Liaison